author_name|Mariella Moon

Ford recalls 100,000 hybrid vehicles over fire risk

Ford has issued a recall for certain 2020 to 2022 model Corsair, Escape and Maverick hybrid vehicles over concerns that ...
author_name|Amrita Khalid

EU will require all new cars to include anti-speeding tech by 2024

Every new car sold in the European Union will soon include anti-speeding technology known as intelligent speed assistanc...
author_name|Andrew Tarantola

White House confirms Tesla is working on an 'open' Supercharger network in North America

When Tesla first launched its network of Supercharger stations, it did so with little thought to interoperability, as th...
author_name|Andrew Tarantola

Human Horizons' next China-only EV will come with a robotic arm and 'light curtains'

Chinese electric vehicle maker Human Horizons unveiled its second EV model on Wednesday, dubbed the GT HiPhi Z. This fou...
author_name|Igor Bonifacic

Rivian says it's still on track to produce 25,000 vehicles despite production woes

Moreso than most automakers, Rivian has had a tough 2022. At the start of the year, the company, blaming inflation and c...
author_name|Kris Holt

Amazon starts making deliveries by e-bike and on foot in London

Amazon has started delivering packages by cargo e-bike and on foot in the UK for the first time as it makes more progres...
author_name|Steve Dent

Tesla EVs can now scan the road for potholes and adjust the suspension height

Tesla has introduced a software update that allows its vehicles to scan for potholes, broken pavement and other defects,...
author_name|Mat Smith

The Morning After: The next Apple Watch may detect if you have a fever

The next Apple Watch may have a body temperature sensor to warn you when you’re coming down with a fever, according to B...
author_name|Igor Bonifacic

German traffic watchdog says 59,000 Tesla cars affected by safety bug

Germany’s Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt traffic regulator is calling on Tesla to recall more than 59,000 vehicles over a software...
author_name|Igor Bonifacic

Pandemic-related manufacturing shutdowns catch up with Tesla

Tesla produced 258,580 vehicles in the second quarter of 2022, the automaker announced on Saturday. While that’s a 25 pe...