author_name|Mariella Moon

Ford recalls 100,000 hybrid vehicles over fire risk

Ford has issued a recall for certain 2020 to 2022 model Corsair, Escape and Maverick hybrid vehicles over concerns that ...
author_name|Amrita Khalid

EU will require all new cars to include anti-speeding tech by 2024

Every new car sold in the European Union will soon include anti-speeding technology known as intelligent speed assistanc...
author_name|Kris Holt

Toyota runs out of federal EV tax credits, pushing prices higher

Toyota is the latest automaker to run out of US federal tax credits and it will join Tesla and GM in losing access to th...
author_name|Steve Dent

Tesla EVs can now scan the road for potholes and adjust the suspension height

Tesla has introduced a software update that allows its vehicles to scan for potholes, broken pavement and other defects,...
author_name|Igor Bonifacic

German traffic watchdog says 59,000 Tesla cars affected by safety bug

Germany’s Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt traffic regulator is calling on Tesla to recall more than 59,000 vehicles over a software...
author_name|Mariella Moon

GM is ramping up Hummer EV production to address huge order backlog

General Motors has only been producing up to a dozen electric Hummers a day in its Detroit factory, according to The Wal...
author_name|Roberto Baldwin

Cadillac’s Lyriq SUV is the exact EV it needed to build

Luxury automakers can’t phone in an EV. Especially now as the electric vehicle market matures, it’s no longer a case tha...
author_name|Amrita Khalid

Hummer EV's obstacle-avoiding Extract Mode adds six inches of ride height

GMC Hummer EV owners will soon be able to raise their 9,000-pound vehicle nearly six additional inches in the air, all d...
author_name|Steve Dent

Take a first look at Formula E’s new Gen3 car in action

Formula E recently showed off its latest Gen3 car that it says is faster, more agile and "the world's most eff...
author_name|Andrew Tarantola

Toyota recalls nearly 3,000 bZ4X EVs over potentially deadly wheel defect

Toyota's US launch of the unpronounceable bZ4X EV is off to a rough start with the automaker announcing on Thursday...