author_name|Kris Holt

iFixit starts selling Pixel parts for DIY repairs

If your Pixel is in need of some care, you can now buy official parts to try and fix the problem yourself. Parts and det...
Airline Industry

NASA needs help from the private sector to decarbonize the next generation of planes

Air travel remains one of the largest contributors to global warming in the transportation sector, producing 915 million...
author_name|Andrew Tarantola

The EU extends its 'Roam-like-at-home' mobile service rule through 2032

Back in 2017, the European Union took the shockingly rational step of largely eliminating roaming charges for its citize...
author_name|Kris Holt

FDA asks COVID-19 vaccine makers to update boosters to target new omicron variants

The Food and Drug Administration has asked COVID-19 vaccine makers to update booster shots to tackle newer omicron varia...
author_name|Devindra Hardawar

Niantic's Campfire social AR app rolls out for 'Pokémon Go' players

With Pokémon Go, Niantic became the poster child for the power of mobile augmented reality (AR) apps. Since then, the co...
Arts & Entertainment

Twitch will make it easier for creators to bring guests onto streams

Twitch has announced a new feature for creators who want to include other streamers and even viewers on their broadcasts...
author_name|Sam Rutherford

Apple plans to let you pay for gas using CarPlay

Apple has a big update to CarPlay slated for sometime later this year, but in the meantime, the tech giant has begun wor...
author_name|Kris Holt

Google is making its password manager easier to use across all platforms

Google is updating its password manager to make it easier to use and more consistent across platforms. The tool could al...
author_name|Amrita Khalid

Samsung Gaming Hub goes live today with Twitch, Xbox Game Pass and more

The Samsung Gaming Hub is live now on 2022 Samsung smart TVs and smart monitors, and it's adding two services from ...
author_name|Kris Holt

YouTube introduces new tools to battle comment spam and account imitators

YouTube is enacting more measures in its battle to cut down on comment spam and channel impersonation. Creators now have...